Streets: LUDO (Chicago / New York) (via AGC)

 Streets: LUDO (Chicago / New York) French Street Artist Ludo has been tearing up the streets of NYC and Chicago with refreshing green tinted visualizations. With most of his work being in Europe its a bit of a pleasant surprise that he has let go some of his best pieces in the U.S. Images below, interpret the colorful imagery the way you want! courtesy of arrestedmotion … Read More

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Should We Bid Farewell to the Academic Paper? (via Classroom as Microcosm)

Pretty interesting.

Should We Bid Farewell to the Academic Paper? Is the academic paper the best way for students to demonstrate their learning?  Will learning to write papers help students develop the skills they will need later in their lives? One of my heroes, Virginia Heffernan of the New York Times (whose Sunday Magazine column, The Medium, is sorely missed) writes this week that "Education Needs a Digital-Age Upgrade."  She is reviewing a book called Now You See It, in which Cathy N. Davidson asks "whethe … Read More

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